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Long Range Fuel Tanks

A long range fuel tank will equip your 4x4 to hold a lot more fuel as it can from standard. This will enable you to drive your 4x4 much farther without seeing a fuel station. Long Range Fuel tanks are necessary when travelling in remote places with your 4x4 where fuel is not readily accessible. It can also save you money on fuel as the price of fuel is much dearer in less accessible areas.
Long Range Fuel Tanks
Long Range Fuel Tanks

Ironman 4x4 long range fuel tanks are engineered to travel further with less fuel stops. They are designed with maximum fuel capacity in mind without affecting ground clearance and ramp over/departure angles. Whilst being exceptionally strong, the Ironman 4x4 long range fuel tanks allow you to get to the most remote parts of the country where standard tank wouldn't leave you stranded. For business owners relying on their transport, you get more time on the road without constantly needing to stop for fuel.

•5 Day Pressure Tested
•Powder Coated
•2mm Aluminised Steel
•Internal Baffles

RRP $759.00